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Anoop K N - Version 2.0

Year: 2027

[Publishing as part of Digital Deepak Internship Program — DDIP assignment]

Today, we are going to hear a story about a person who helps young entrepreneurs and startups to enhance their business by providing tailor-made Digital Marketing solutions.

Meet Mr. Anoop KN, the founder of ‘AKN Digital Consulting’ who started his journey in the Digital Marketing world as an SEO executive in 2008 and now heading a company that specializes in giving solutions to beginners and startups. As a reply to a question Anoop said ‘we are not one among a normal Digital marketing Company which provides standard solutions or packages. Instead, we provide customized solutions for each one. We pick up tailor-made solutions for our customers, especially young business groups. Rather than providing packages consisting of certain activities, we talk with entrepreneurs, understand their dreams, identify the business goals and provide the custom-made dish which exactly resolves their business problems and ensures the growth’.

‘I was not a product of any Digital Marketing Institute and I never studied a course’ Anoop said. In 2008, I got an opportunity to do the SEO activities of a leading brand. I took that opportunity as a challenge, studied the steps myself, and implemented the best practices. Then, the era of Social Media channels has arrived and I have implemented the same approach there too’. During this period, he has noticed that few people are exploiting this boom and offers low-cost packages which include technical and marketing jargons that normal people can’t easily understand. This applied to Training Institutes too. They were marketing their courses with catchy taglines and module names. And, as a result, lots of entrepreneurs, young people, freshers, and students fall into this trap without realizing their real stuff and caliber. So, to find a solution to this scenario Anoop started a new venture with the intention of providing sustainable business solutions for start-ups. He introduced a scheme for the young entrepreneurs called ‘Future 2030’ which got special appreciation from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Future 2030 empowers young people to do business with the latest and customized digital marketing methodologies. It is not a normal consultancy or training program but it is a ‘Do It Yourself’ program where entrepreneurs apply the various digital marketing methodologies under the guidance of AKN. ‘I consider each case as a doctor treats a patient’ Anoop said ‘I prescribe a set of solutions in the first phase. And, make changes gradually according to the changes and improvements. It’s exactly like doctor consults. A good doctor never gives a solution to his/her patients as a package. Instead, he/she analyzes the situation and step by step, gives medicines according to the situation, and finally removes the disease permanently. The next scheme is the Digital Marketing Mentorship program for students and freshers. This is not a normal training program. This is a non-profitable joint venture with his Mentor and Guru Digital Deepak to provide mentorship for those passionate to get into the Digital Marketing field. The main objective of this program is to save the people from falling into the traps of fake institutes which come with sugary words.

By these words, we are ending this article by saying Best Wishes to Anoop for his genuine intentions and future endeavors. Will come up with the next interesting stories about coming issues.

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